Wine profile: 

The elegance , breeding and exuberant flavours of our authentic varieties blend together to craft a vibrant, bright, intense ruby red wine with a slightly spicy, expansive, ethereal nose bursting with ripe fruit. Bold and full-bodied on the mouth, with unobtrusive rounded tannins. Ansj is a taste of the good life, to be enjoyed in company with good everyday food.

Additional notes: 

Ansj’ is a registered 460 Casina Bric trademark. The name meaning ‘like this’ comes from the Piedmontese dialect, which has Occitan/French influences. A wine like this, red and white, desired and designed by its producer, making no compromises involving processing or international varietals that could in any way taint its typical style.


Picked by hand into small 20kg boxes in the first 10 days of October


Floating cap fermentation in steel tanks for 10-15 days without the addition of yeasts. The traditional-style maceration on the skins that follows for a further 15-20 days is carried out using an ancient practice which completely submerges the cap into the new, fermenting wine.

Wine maturation: 

Wine is aged partly in concrete and partly in tonneaux barrels and big casks for 12-18 months. The wines are then blended, and the end product is stored for at least a further 6-12 months prior to its release. The aging is designed to preserve the typical style and freshness of a wine that brings out the best of our authentic varieties.

Rosso Ansí

Varenr.: Vib003
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