Grape type: 



Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC Spumante Rosé


Metodo Classico Millesimato 24/36 months on the lees

Wine profile: 

Antique pink color, fine and persistent perlage, with ample, floral aromas reminiscent of dog rose, and pleasant notes of peach flowers. The taste is crisp and well balanced, full of verve and extremely elegant. A bottle to share and celebrate daily moments, where life is experienced in the details and the beauty that surrounds us

Additional notes: 
A story, a project of the territory and its vineyards, and the work that Gianluca Viberti has cultivated since he attended the Scuola Enologica in Alba. Today the project comes to fruition, offering to all lovers of Nebbiolo and sparkling wine a line of two Spumanti - Rosé Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC - made by two methods of sparkling wine production: the Metodo Classico for the vintage Brut Nature where elegance, richness, and year leave their mark; and the long Martinotti Prêt-à-Porter where freshness, fruit and drinkability exceed the austerity of Nebbiolo. Both are part of the original 'Origo-Ginis' project from the Latin 'Origo-Originis' "with reference to writings, works of art or other productions that are at the hands of the author, as opposed to what is a copy of it" (cit. Treccani)"


Picked by hand into small 20kg boxes in the first week of September


After a brief rest in the cold cellar, the whole grapes are softly pressed leaving the stems on. The must ferments for 20-25 days at a controlled temperature of 16-18 ° C. The wine matures in concrete tanks until the Spring / Summer following the harvest

Sparkling method: 

Secondary fermentation in magnum bottles, during which the wine rests of the lees from 24 to 36 months. This ancient method of sparkling wine production expresses the best of the Nebbiolo grape and its territoriality where wealth and elegance leave their mark. After disgorgement, there is a further refinement period of 6-12 months before being put on the market

Origo-Ginis Nebbiolo Rosé

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